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Your thinking can be stopping you from becoming a Millionaire!

Your thinking can be stopping you from becoming a Millionaire! 

We have the thoughts we do mostly based on how our parents, family, teachers, and professors taught us. How many times has someone close to you tell you that your idea is stupid and you can never be successful with it. I can truly say, I have had family tell me I could never turn my passion into a career. Our parents are a product of their parents. I can go on to trace back where the bad programming came from but lets just say, they didn’t know any better. They weren’t aware that they can change their way of thinking and become millionaires!


I am grateful and blessed for all they have done for me. The bad programming of the mind stops here with me and right now.


As children we go to school and learn. Our teachers and parents teach us that we need to learn and get good grades so we can go to college and get that degree. In doing so, you would be considered successful and live monetarily comfortable. My parents stressed if you work hard, you will reap the benefits of obtaining raises and promotions at your job. They never mentioned how I can become rich or become a millionaire. It’s not their fault, they were never taught themselves.


I can tell you I was told not to be afraid to work 50 plus hours a week. You can have plenty of money to live and save for a rainy day. I was never advised to pursue my passion. I was never advised to pursue something that I considered fun!


I give credit to the University of Phoenix for bringing out this writing talent that was hidden inside me. They taught me how to write well, grammatically correct and to avoid plagiarism at all cost. It wasn’t until my 30’s when I realized that I really didn’t love or find fun in my full time job anymore. I worked for a great corporate company for 24 years. In the end of those years, I really wasn’t happy doing the job anymore. The company closed and laid everyone off. It wasn’t a shock as they gave us a year notice that it was going to occur. I took that year to prepare myself and really think about where I wanted my life to go. I had been unhappy for awhile and I vowed my next venture would be fun.


I began to read a lot of self help books. I knew I needed to find my unique talent. I spent time reading books about resume writing, getting your resume noticed, and where to hunt down those great job opportunities.


You see, I had a son. He was 13 when I was laid off. I had a great package that would allow me to learn something new and I needed to do it fast so I can continue to provide for my son.


I always thought running the rat race would make me rich. All those years I worked and made a decent salary still was not enough for me to sustain the expenses we had. Yes, I had a savings for a rainy day but it ran out just sustaining our basic needs. I started to look for other employment fast.


I continued reading books on the topics of how to be wealthy and a millionaire. I found a job opportunity but after a year, I found myself bored and unhappy. This is what fun is? I don’t think so. I went looking for another job opportunity and continued reading books on how to become wealthy. I learned some great routines from the wealthy but never implemented them. There was this voice in my head that told me I could never succeed. I found another job so I gave my two weeks notice and left for another job opportunity.


I worked for that employer for 10 months before I was laid off. Yes, I did my homework researching companies but to my dismay it happened again. At that point in my life, I began to doubt myself a bit. You have to realize that I was approaching my mid 40’s, I’m sure some of you can relate. You get laid off a few times and this voice in your head begins to tell you that something is wrong with your skill level. I went into a slight depression and really began doubting all of my decisions.


My escape was reading. I began to read and learn about how to find your hidden talent. I read and journaled to the tune of 400+ books a year. I learned something that I was never taught to do as a child, begin your day meditating. As a child, we went to church every Sunday. It was the Catholic religion. I did pray but it was merely the Our Father or Hail Mary. It wasn’t until this point in my life where I really learned how to pray and meditate.


I began my day praying first, then taking time to be quiet. You can’t hear what the higher being is trying to tell you if you simply continue to pray and talk. I learned a lot from reading regarding the Jewish, Hinduism, Buddhism, Baptist, and non denomination religions. I was able to incorporate a little of each to make my own meditation. If your not familiar with these religions, I recommend you read up on them. You will be enlightened.


As part of my routine, I began reciting affirmations. If you haven’t done this, you need to start now. Affirmations are statements you either listen or recite to so the universe will begin to bring and make those affirmations real. Just listening or reciting is not enough, you must feel the affirmations as you say them. Feel them as if they are true right now. For example, I am rich or I have a millionaire mind. Close your eyes and really feel them as you recite them. I tend to touch my forehead when I say -I have a millionaire mind.


See, the more you believe you have it now, the more it will come. This routine which I do daily, was how I discovered my unique talent. I discovered a talent I had all along. I never realized it. After 20 days of implementing this routine, I began to think creatively. I was prompted to research millionaires. How else do you learn how to be one.


This is when everything in me began to fall into place. I learned not to care what people say. I learned to live by my own rules and routine. I learned to let go of friends that were negative and not supporting me on my new journey. In this time, I learned how to love my alone time. I had dreams where I was already rich and successful. I saw myself speaking in front of a crowd in my dreams. It was in those dreams, that I learned what I should do to implement a side hustle. Writing, that dream was clear. In my dream, I was told to start now, not wait because tomorrow is not promised.


I am proof that it’s never too late to start something new. I am well on my way to becoming a millionaire. Are you?

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