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The Power of Prayer is strongest when stimulating us into action

The Power of Prayer is strongest when stimulating us into action 

There are many people who state “I’m praying for you. I alerted my prayer circle to pray for you.” What do we want to convey with these words?

We want to express to them that we care and are concerned for them. We want them to know we have great hopes for them. The language of prayer has an extra meaning. It means to convey something more about God and his divine power.

As I think about my prayers, I sometimes think I am writing a post-it note to the desk of God. It’s like I intend to contract God for services to be rendered for the restoration of a circumstance. I even feel that there is an escape door away from suffering.

We know we have honored the intent of our own prayers when we have moved from our thought to action on an issue or social dilemma.

What can we say about prayer? Some may say it’s a form of mindfulness relieving our personal dilemmas. Others may say it’s a humble way to submit to God.

Is it possible to speak less prayer and let our actions reveal our prayerful state? Can prayer be more transformative for the human being than seeking to lobby the divine? Can the language of prayer prioritize our genuine exploration of possibilities within our self, others, and the world?

What are your thoughts?

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