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Habits of happy brains

Habits of happy brains 

What is happiness? Happiness is a work in progress and everyone’s process is so different. Great News! Every new day offers us the opportunity to try something different that can make you happier.

I cannot tell you the countless people who blame their circumstances, situations they can’t control, or other people for their unhappiness. Blah, blah, blah. I could be a multimillionaire right now.

The truth is our happiness is our own responsibility. Eleanor Roosevelt quote: ” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” in other words, no one can take away your happiness without your permission.

I never knew you would have to learn to live incorporating specific disciplines and ways of seeing the world. I had to master them before I could be simply happy and live an uncomplicated life.

Happy people-like myself, have adapted habits that set you apart from the rest. They adapt happy habits. What the heck is happy habits, you say? Well, sit tight, I’m about to tell you.

Happy people do more of what reinstates their happiness. The process may involve a specific routine, activities, and choices. The more you practice them, the more your brain rewires or reprograms itself to the new habits of happiness.

When you feel good, your brain releases dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, or endorphin-the chemicals responsible for your happiness.

We want more of these feelings because our brains crave them. Here are a few things that anyone can do -at any stage of life- to feel the effects of more happiness in our lives.



  1. Happy brains find flow experiences

Have you ever lost yourself in something so much that you lost track of time? Being consumed by a task or activity is a state of being flow. It’s an experience that can make you happy. It could be exercising at the gym, reading, gardening, or a You Tube video. Flow describes the sense of satisfaction.

When your brain builds expectations about what makes you happy, it begins to rewire itself to seek more happy habits. If you decide to be happy, your brain will find things to be happy about.



2. Happy people Express gratitude


Did you know small and positive experiences have a greater  impact in our life satisfaction than epic achievements. People who are grateful feel good about themselves which in turn improves their self-esteem. They are humble which draws people to them. Practicing gratitude can make lasting changes in your brains.

An attorney was presented with a prestigious award and plaque during a ceremony. He was grateful for the plaque award but it didn’t change his own personal happiness. He carried an internal happiness all on his own-without the award. He was grateful, but the award and plaque did not define his happiness. It actually ended up in a box with the other prestigious awards and plaques he had received-simply collecting dust.


3. Happy people nurture meaningful relationships.


Good social relationships are a great indication of a happy life.

Social connections make people happier. Humans were designed to interact with each other. Satisfying relationships not only make people happy, but they are associated with better health and longer life.

Relationships are connected to some of the strongest emotions. When they are positive, we feel happiness, contentment, and calm. When they are negative, they bring out the worst in us, we feel anxious, depressed and even lonely.



4. Happy people live in the moment.


It’s hard to be happy when your spend most of your time worrying about the past or living in fear of tomorrow. We preoccupy our brains worried about what has happened and not take advantage of today’s time. We just simply let it get away without seizing the moment. It’s time to live in the moment and let the past go.


5. Happy brains seek adventure-enjoying the thrill of life.

Planning vacations or getaways can increase your happiness. People who are naturally excited, appreciative, and less stressed tend to be adventurous.

Everyday life can turn into an adventure. Imagine everyday being extraordinary. You don’t need to leave home. You can take a different route to work, you can read a book or article that will carry you away.

Learn a new skill that can make you indispensable in the future. For those who love nature, adventure is a way to enjoy amazing landscapes. Did you know it’s been studied that spending two hours at the beach or park gives a positive boost and well being mentally and physically?

Be sure to wake up each day ready to take small steps toward your happiness. Don’t be afraid to take good actions no matter how small to boost your mood.

Every experience counts.

Are you ready to be a happy person?

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