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Are you wasting your Life?

Are you wasting your Life? 

I was sitting on a bench at the beach and I wondered, if I had the opportunity to live my life all over again, would I have more than I have today?

I would definitely be a multi-billionaire already!

Think about a goal in your life that is meaningful to you. It would be something that gives your life purpose or happiness right now. It can be a career goal, financial goal, relationship goal. It may be a charity goal, or mentoring goal. What’s your goal or dream? What do you want to do in your life?

Did you ever imagine what life would be on this earth if everyone accomplished their goal? There would be millionaires everywhere!

I used to think life was complicated but now I see life as goals and my story. If you take a moment and think about a jet fueled airplane. This was someone’s dream. They made a goal and achieved it. Computers is another example. It was someone’s dream and they developed it.

What is your dream? You were created to be awesome not just great. Do you have a dream or goal you want to achieve? Do you know you were made from 1 of 500 million sperm? Do you think it was coincidence? Heck No!

You have something in you that you were born with. You were given a gift to share it with others. Do you know what your gift is? Do you spend time meditating to find out what that gift is? If you answered no, it’s high time you did. You don’t want to die and be empty? I refer to empty as someone who never took the time to discover what their gift was. They simply lived everyday just working for someone and going home. They never helped others nor did they contribute at work or home. Empty.

Take a moment and picture this. Your lying in a bed and your family is standing over you praying for you, and holding your hand as you cross over the rainbow bridge. Your thinking at that moment about the idea or dream you had but never went after it. The dream you always procrastinated with and never made real. You never used your gift.

I was in Starbuck’s and caught up with an old colleague. This colleague talked about how unhappy she was at her present job. She continued to complain about everything from her colleagues to the owner of the company- blah, blah, blah. Some of you can feel me, right? I had just enough when I offered this advice. “If your so unhappy, why don’t you find something else you can be happy in.” She continued to tell me how she couldn’t leave current job because she depends on a paycheck and couldn’t afford to be without a job. I told her ” try working for yourself part time. When you reach your financial freedom, then leave your job. ” She stood quiet. Does this sound familiar to you? Sounds like the general population to me.

We go about our day and just survive. I was guilty myself until I met a retired executive. He was sitting having coffee in Starbucks (you can guess I like to frequent there). He told me how he spent 28 years in a company he grew to dislike. He was grateful for the promotions he had received but it was in his last 5 years before his retirement that he began to dislike the job and company. He found himself-running the rat race. He told me he was so glad when his time to retire finally arrived so he can go set a new goal to begin his own consulting company. Well, sadly he passed away a week after we spoke. I thought to myself, he never got to live his dream.

We all have a set time here on earth. We know that tomorrow is not promised. We can choose to live every day as we only die once. It’s time to stop the procrastination and start living your dream. We get 1440 minutes every day. What are you doing during this time to achieve your dream? There is nothing stopping you from starting now. It doesn’t matter how old you are or the little voice in your head stating the reasons you shouldn’t.

Start now and start today. Most of all, stop wasting your life!

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