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Reasons to be Grateful during this time of crisis
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Reasons to be Grateful during this time of crisis 

People are pulling together, helping neighbors, looking for the bright spots through this storm, clinging to their faith, and being grateful for what they do have instead of what they don’t have in these tough times.

I am thankful for waking up every morning. The coronavirus is taking many lives so you need to be thankful just for seeing a new day. I have more time to meditate and pray in the morning before starting my work day.

I am feeling grateful for the extra quality time I am getting with my son, Brandon, who has decided to join the military this summer. We spend time preparing healthier meals and eating together.

I am thankful for being able to work form home when so many have lost their jobs. I started my own blog . It’s been a passion of mine and I have planned and prepared to make it a reality.

I am an avid reader so with the library closed, I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited to still have the opportunity to continue my love of reading. There are many great authors of motivational books that are giving there books for free and you just pay shipping.

I have had the opportunity to speak to a few of nurses who are currently on the frontlines. They are grateful for being able to take care of people during this time. They have taken precautions so they don’t get infected but the key is to wash your hands and keep your distance. For them the protocol is to wear all protective gear. Constant glove changing is crucial as well. They are grateful for all the restaurants that have brought them lunch for free, this way they don’t need to worry about containers becoming infected and bringing it back to their homes.

My neighbor, Anna, is grateful that she can cook meals and deliver them to her elderly parents so they don’t need to go out to the grocery stores. She supplies them with all of their essentials as well. She is grateful they are still alive and well.

Our neighborhood has been creative in reaching out to everyone. Making sure we have basic essentials. It is nice to see and meet your neighbors walking dogs, waving, saying ‘hi,’ and people being nicer to each other.

My colleague, Sue said she is relying on her strong faith to get her through this time. “I’m thankful to know I have a God that is in control of all situations and He invites me to trust and lean on Him,” Sue said.

My friend, Tina is grateful that her therapy is still continuing through telehealth and is thankful for technology. “I Facetime with my therapist for my bi-weekly appointments. It’s so amazing how this pandemic has changed the way we do business but not stopped the way things are being accomplished.”

Allen, my Starbucks server, is thankful life has slowed down a bit. “It has allowed me to enjoy simplicity, family, and the importance of being ‘a branch‘ for people in need”.

One thing is for sure, whether it’s with sporting events, meeting with friends, or meeting deadlines at work, we have become so consumed with material things and what we can do or buy for our children that we forget the most precious thing of all is our time and our love. It’s what they cherish most.

This can surely change the way we live after the quarantine is lifted. Enjoy the simple things in life. Be grateful for the simple things. Those are the moments that you take with you when you leave this earth. Things are just that and you surely can’t take them with you.

These reasons may just become new habits to implement to live a grateful and more happier life.

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