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5 Steps To Learn To Live In A World Full Of Negativity
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5 Steps To Learn To Live In A World Full Of Negativity 

Negativity is all around us. It is in the news every day. You may have family, friends, or coworkers that constantly complain. It took me two years of daily practice to master the art of living stress-free in this world full of negativity. I wanted to share five steps on how I tune it all out every day.


Start Your Day with Prayer or Meditation

I cannot stress how important it is to make this alone time a ritual every day. I wake up at 4:00 am, wash up, and make my latte. I go to my living room where I don’t wake anyone else up and have my alone time. I begin to pray and meditate.  As you meditate, allow yourself to feel the words you are saying. Begin by expressing gratitude. I begin by saying “Thank you for waking me up. I can see, I can speak, I can hear, I have clean water to wash up and make my latte.” Express your gratitude for everyone and everything little thing you have. This is so important. Most people begin prayer or meditation asking for things. Stop and express your gratitude for what you have right now. I then recite affirmations. I spend about forty-five minutes in prayer, meditation, and affirmations.



You do not need a gym membership to do this. Go for a walk in your neighborhood, watch a YouTube video of a workout routine, get your body moving. Be sure to drink water! I head to my local gym at 5:00 am. I get my workout routine in early in the day. Take this time to be in the present. Concentrate on what you are doing. Stop worrying or thinking about what you need to get done that day. This is your time alone to enjoy what you are doing. I tend to recite affirmations or listen to motivational podcasts while I workout. It is an instant mood boost every morning. You will notice how much energy you will have throughout your day.


Limit your News watching

Have you ever taken the time to see what the news tells us? They focus on giving us all the information on murders, robbery, or anyone found dead. There is never anything great to hear. Why would you allow your mind and thoughts to indulge in this? I am not part of a cult. I want you to understand what you feed your mind and thoughts, is how your mood for the day will be. This negativity can affect your motivation. If you want to skip to the weather, then do so.


Distance yourself from Negative people

Do you have that friend, family member, or coworker who complains every day? I had one and she is no longer in my circle. I began to approach that friend in a different way.

Whenever she called, she complained about how tired she was at 8:30 am. She then complained about how much traffic she dealt with that morning. She even complained about how she didn’t like her job anymore. Does this sound familiar? I began answering her in a different way. I said “You should be grateful you got up today, there are so many people who wanted to and couldn’t or didn’t. You should be grateful you got to work and grateful to have a job. There are so many who would love to work and are unable to get a job because of the economy.” She said I was right. Every day she complained about the same things, I kept answering her the same way. After a month, she no longer complained nor did she call me. Her calls became a few days a week. She had new complaints but I always would tell her how grateful she should be no matter what. Then, the calls stop.

Complainers are negative people. These complainers can be family, coworkers, or clients you have to deal with. No person should subject themselves to hear negativity from anyone. Don’t be afraid to lose a family member or friendship. If you are at work and cannot avoid the negative coworker, cite affirmations in your head. You do this as they are complaining. You can smile because your affirmations all begin with “I am”. You can excuse yourself to the restroom to get away from them.


Develop a bedtime routine

Two hours before bed, step away from all electronics. Take an hour or so before bed and read a book. If you don’t like to read books then read an article in a magazine. Reading daily will help you gain knowledge. Take the remaining time to reflect on your day. Be grateful for everything that happened, whether good or bad. Write in your journal and cite affirmations. I cite them morning, noon, and night. It has been the secret to living a stress-free life in this negative world. Maintaining a bedtime routine every day will help you wind down and get the rest your body needs.


These steps will take time to put in place. Try changing one step in your daily routine at a time. It takes about 21 days to turn a new routine into a habit. It took me two years to master it so be patient with yourself.

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