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How Rainy Days Can Actually Clear Your Thoughts And Fulfill Your Heart
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How Rainy Days Can Actually Clear Your Thoughts And Fulfill Your Heart 

If you’re like most people, you dread a rainy day. You feel tired, unmotivated, and want to curl back in bed and snooze. The second cup of coffee or tea is a necessity. There is another way to view a rainy day.


Let me guide you on how you can take rainy days and turn them into days to clear your mind and heart.


The rain does the earth well. Flowers, trees, grass, birds, and all the wildlife that live among us need it for survival. The rain also cleanses the air we breathe like snow.


Imagine that all your thoughts are raindrops. As the rain falls, your thoughts are clearing out your mind. You can now focus on a task, writing, or reading. The puddles of water on the ground are fun to jump in and splash. We fill our minds with so much adulting that we tend to forget how it felt to be a kid.


I use rainy days to release all my thoughts cluttering my mind and open my heart and get recharged. When I see raindrops fall, my mind clearing out and my heart filling with love. It may seem odd for most but when you’re an introvert your quite unique.


Funny when you’re at work and you hear your coworkers say “Augh, a rainy day. I want to sleep.” I tend to be the complete opposite. I find these days to be my most productive days. I glance out the window and see all my thoughts releasing.


Rainy days are also a great time to slow down and stay home. Your home should always be your peaceful Zen. If it isn’t, do what it takes to make it your Zen. I use this time to write or catch up on reading.


As we begin to get back to normalcy, don’t forget to use rainy days to slow down and clear your head and heart. The pandemic came to teach us to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. Try not to get too busy to enjoy it!


How Rainy Days Can Actually Clear Your Thoughts And Fulfill Your Heart

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